Alexander Galloway’s chapter gives an interesting introduction to net art in the structure of a “periodization” of internet art into two phases: one that is primarily interested in the network and the other more focused on the uses of commercial software. Both phases are epitomized as net art because both are interested in the protocols of the internet.

Reading this piece, I felt something I often feel reading and looking at net art - a form of distance or even at times, inaccessibility. There is something that seems to be lost in the written descriptions of net art pieces. This made me think of how we use mediums to describe and understand other mediums like text and language to understand visual art, how imperfect the translation is, how something always gets lost. And often net art is indeed about net art.

I liked the idea of Bunting’s performance of failing protocol. I am interested in failure as art, success, acceptance, a way to explore new depths. I am also curious to learn more about internet art performances. This is an area that I could imagine exploring in my own work though I think for me, the net art would serve more as a sort of backdrop or prop rather than a medium or form because my interest is in the real human body, not the protocol of the internet.

I also thought it was Interesting that Andrei Codrescu was mentioned as the manager of the Media Fund by RTMark because I just read a bit of his book, The Posthuman Dada Guide. I like thinking of net art as a new sort of dada space. I could imagine exploring this concept as well in my own work.

For my own creative practice, as I mentioned above, I am interested in performance and the internet as a dada space. I am also interested in the internet as a platform for multiple iterations of projects related to my dream archive because I like the internet as a non-linear space that can mimic the subconscious dream state. I am also interested in this intersection because dreams are so personal and intimate and the internet is so public and populated — combining them seems dangerous and exciting. Additionally, I am interested in thinking about how to take up space on the internet to claim my space as an artist, specifically extending film projects into the internet realm in more creative ways beyond the marketing, branding, networking goal.