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mercy, mistress (series), 2018

DIRECTOR, editor, Executive producer

Mercy, Mistress is a series based on the memoirs of a professional Chinese-American dominatrix in New York City.  It is intended to tantalize, to teach, and to destigmatize the shame and silence around kink, BDSM and sex work.  It is a story about a woman's work, written by a woman, and made primarily by women, a story that represents diversity, strong Asian-American characters, female empowerment, and sex positive activism.  Pilot episode currently in post production.


"Mercy Mistress is the kinky, queer, sex-positive dominatrix show we've been waiting for"                                                                                            -Playboy // Instagram // Facebook.




A meditation on living and breathing in New York City.

Showing at the Brooklyn Women's Film Festival June 23rd, 2018.  Tickets here.


Brunch Theatre: Black coffee (SHORT PLAY), 2018

DIRECTOr, "The Lovers, Or light in the dark" by kaela Mei-shing Garvin



COLLABORATOR, with Lisa Held and Samantha Panger

Altered is a feature documentary currently in production that follows one woman living with the BRCA2 gene mutation as she explores her options and reflects on how decisions about our health and bodies impact identity, sexuality, femininity, relationships, work, family and so much more.


Self-portrait in 5 senses (collage), 2017

An experiment in identity and sense.


NAmes of women (short film), 2017

Co-Director, Editor

Names of Women is a short film based on a true abortion story.  A team of primarily women fully funded our film and built a grassroots movement supporting reproductive rights, feminism, and the intersections between.  We connected with aligned organizations and artists, built a toolkit to provide resources for further engagement, and are currently touring at schools nationally.  Our mission is to use this story as a platform where women can find resources, solidarity and ways to share their stories with one another.




Collective Sex is a storytelling organization that seeks to decolonize storytelling.  We tell embodied, courageous and raw stories.  We select stories with messages around positive social change, ending silence or evolving our consciousness.  Our stories are made by a multi-disciplinary, intersectional collective of artist/activists.  We utilize a creative process that is joyful, non-binary, healing and collaborative.


Our friends dancing (web series), 2015

DIRECTOr, Editor

Our friends dancing.  By themselves.  In their homes.  To the song of their choice. 


5 collages over 5 months, 2017

A video collage made every month for 5 months as an effort to clear out creative garbage, refine creative process, and process personal and creative transition.

Full series.


Video collage #1


An experiment with a story my parents told me, home video of the West, and archival footage.


THE THINGS i want to tell you (SHORT narrative FILM), 2012


A young woman feels the pull of her childhood, hometown and family as she seeks to find herself in a new and unfamiliar city.

Featured at Fear No Film festival.